Home and Office Automation Solutions


Home automation or smart home is the place where everything is connected & controlled. Simply where electronics talk & live as neighbors. Home Automation Systems provides control and automation over lighting, cooling/heating (HVAC), ventilation, and security.

As a best automation company in UAE, AIA offers a clean and connected system where lighting, HVAC, security & fire systems are integrated and can be controlled through a central terminal/Tablet/Mobile. The purpose of investing in home automation is to create future proof technological home with expanded-ability & interoperability in mind. When life takes you to far off places, make sure everything at home is just right and get notified if it isn’t. Smart Home for Better living. In short Home Automation is a system of integrated electronic hardware and software that allows you to control the things in your home or office from a central control unit or mobile smart phone. HAS enable you to manage and control numerous household products from a single location.

Home Automation is User Friendly Control Interfaces that allow you to perform complex tasks at the press of a button. Getting the right System Integrator to integrate and install all the system is difficult task now days. AIA will be able to recommend properly qualified people ensuring quality workmanship

The Key benefits are:

AIA home and office automation solutions
Adds Safety on Appliance and Lighting Control
Secures Home Through Automated Door Locks
Increases Awareness Through Security Cameras
Increases Convenience Through Temperature Adjustment
Saves Time, Money and Increases Convenience
Increases Peace of Mind