Lighting Control System

With AIA Lighting control system, you are only a button press away from ideal lighting

When thinking about energy savings and sustainability with regards to lighting, you naturally think about implementing a new lighting system comes along with investments you would rather spend on improving your company’s key processes. But what if lighting can really add value through saving lots of energy?

No matter whether it is a home, office or commercial building, and irrespective of size; lighting control can be utilized to provide greater control and lower energy usage. When you’re on the move from home, office all it takes is a simple touch of a button on your tablet or smart phone (iPad or iPhone) to monitor lighting status and activate an “All Off” button to make sure that lights haven’t been unnecessarily left on. Lighting control system often referred to as Smart Lighting or Mood Lighting Systems based occupancy, based on lux level etc. lighting control systems give users the ability to control multiple circuits or ‘scene settings’, with one button press as well as allowing the end user to personalize and automate the system as and when they see fit. The simple system design allows a virtually limitless variety of options, which can all be tailored to your specific needs